About Us


To educate, advocate, and litigate for policy changes needed to improve the health and wellbeing of Louisiana's women, their families, and their communities.


We exist within an ecosystem of reproductive health, rights and justice, and we support reciprocal, accountable relationships to shift power and improve the quality of life for women in Louisiana, their families and their communities.
We inherited an imperfect world fraught with systemic inequality including colonization, patriarchy and white supremacy. We believe in harnessing our ideals of creating a just world and commit ourselves to analyzing how power can be shifted to increase equity for all.
We believe in love and the power of love to lift us all into our higher selves. We choose compassion over judgment, condemnation or shut doors. We challenge ourselves to invoke compassion in times of conflict.
We believe in meeting people where they are in their reproductive health journeys and support what they determine to be the best decisions for themselves while providing information and access to information to inform their decisions. We work to inspire and share tools to increase people’s ability to speak up for themselves.
We demand accountability and transparency of the highest standard from our democratically elected leaders and model these values in how we do our work.

Lift Louisiana works on behalf of Louisiana women, their families and their communities. At Lift Louisiana, we know and hold that “women” is inclusive of trans and non-binary people. We recognize the racialized, classed, and ableist paradigm of which bodies get seen and upheld as “woman” or “feminine,” and we reject this paradigm in our advocacy, litigation and partnership work. We uplift the experiences and needs of people across gender identity and expression, sexuality, race, class, immigration status, ability and age.



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