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This Week in Louisiana...

This has been a really difficult week, not just in Louisiana, but in the nation. Georgia, Alabama and Missouri all passed extreme abortion bans. Not to be outdone, Louisiana moved forward with it's own version of a six week abortion ban, with no exceptions for rape or incest. SB 184 passed the House Health and Welfare Committee with no objections. Find out what you need to know about Louisiana's Six Week Abortion Ban. 

The case for paid family leave

Nearly 7 in 10 new moms in Louisiana do not have access to paid leave from their job. This is despite ample evidence that being able to take sufficient time away from work has long-term benefits for both new parents and their children. Paid leave is especially important in Louisiana, which ranks at or near the bottom on many national indicators of maternal and child health. Legislation sponsored by Sen. J.P.

This week in Louisiana...

This week, the Louisiana legislature moved forward some important proposals, including SCR 2 to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Committees also advanced SB 155, a constitutional amendment that would allow voters to decide on raising the minimum wage to $9.00/hour, and SB 136, which would end pay secrecy to ensure fair pay for women. All these bills now head to the full Senate and your Senator needs to hear from you!