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Tampon Tax Protest

As you may know, Lift Louisiana has supported efforts to eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products in the state. We have come close, but so far, we haven't won. Now, we're teaming up with Period Equity and LOLA to protest the "tampon tax."

On November 22, make your voice heard. Join us in New Orleans for the Tampon Tax Protest Tour. Our collective action is a first step in initiating lawsuits against the 33 states that don’t consider tampons and pads necessities.

What we're doing

2nd Annual Toy Drive for Children Of Incarcerated Parents

Parents giving toys to their children is a hallmark of the holiday season. For some kids whose parents don't have the resources to give them gifts, toy drives can help bring holiday cheer to children (and parents) in need. But other children will spend the holiday season away from their parents because their parents are incarcerated — and that's where this toy drive comes in.