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Stop the Religious Objections to Birth Control Coverage

The Trump administration announced last week two rules that will restrict access to birth control, by allowing employers, health insurance providers, and universities that claim a religious or moral objection to drop insurance coverage for contraception.

The rules affect the Affordable Care Act’s requirements that contraceptive be covered in employees’ insurance plans. This requirement allowed millions of women to access birth control – now the administration wants to let your boss decide whether you should have birth control.

“Let’s Talk About Sex!”, Intersectional Feminism, and Centering Women of Color in Reproductive Justice

groupphotoIn celebration of their twentieth anniversary, the national, Southern-based, and women of color focused organization SisterSong will host their third annual Let’s Talk About Sex! Conference at the Hyatt Regency Center in New Orleans, Louisiana from October 5th to October 8th. 

New Fifth Circuit Judicial Nomination Is Cause For Serious Concern.

By Megan Snider

Trump nominee for the 5th Circuit is Kyle Duncan, who is best known for representing Hobby Lobby in the Supreme Court case that ruled that corporations with religious owners cannot be required to pay for insurance coverage of contraception, which Hobby Lobby’s owners believe to be a form of abortion.