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New Guttmacher Data: LA has more abortion restrictions than every other state

Since 1973, the state of Louisiana has enacted 89 abortion restrictions, more—by far—than any other state in the nation. This number, newly released by Guttmacher Institute state policy analysts today, is key context for the March 4 Supreme Court oral arguments in June Medical Services v. Gee. 

Lift Louisiana Launches New Survey

Louisiana has been in the news nearly every day as we get ready for the Supreme Court to hear our challenge to a law that would close every clinic that provides abortion in our state except one.  But we have also seen an incredible outpouring of support here and across the nation. We remain committed to working for a healthier, stronger state where our rights our protected and we can all live with dignity. 

Tampon Tax Protest

As you may know, Lift Louisiana has supported efforts to eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products in the state. We have come close, but so far, we haven't won. Now, we're teaming up with Period Equity and LOLA to protest the "tampon tax."

On November 22, make your voice heard. Join us in New Orleans for the Tampon Tax Protest Tour. Our collective action is a first step in initiating lawsuits against the 33 states that don’t consider tampons and pads necessities.

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