Why the Are Tampons, Pads and Diapers Still Taxed Anyway?

Louisiana Senator JP Morrell has introduced SB 24 and SB 27 this year that would exempt from state sales tax, tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products as well as cloth and disposable diapers size 7 and smaller.

Louisiana doesn't' tax candy - but we tax diapers and tampons! Each year, the average woman in Louisiana spends $150 on feminine hygiene products - in one year, the tax exemption would save women in Louisiana $7.8 million. Louisiana’s families spend $143.9 million on diapers each year, so this exemption would save families $7.2 million each year.

Louisiana leads the nation in single-family households, children in poverty and single family households led by women. Taxing feminine hygiene products and diapers—which are necessary for women and parents—is an unnecessary, and immoral financial burden.
What's more unfair, is that women in Louisiana earn only 68 cents to every dollar a man makes - black women only 47.8 cents and Latino women only 50.9 cents!!!

It shouldn't cost more to be a women in Louisiana.

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