What happened Wednesday, and what's next

What an amazing week! Last Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments June Medical v. Russo, a critical case from Louisiana that could threaten the few remaining clinics we have left in our state. We joined our partners at the Supreme Court and in New Orleans to defend abortion rights and access in Louisiana and across the nation. I was excited to not only be one of 50 advocates and elected officials to speak to a huge in crowd in Washington D.C. but that Lift also lead the effort to bring activists and community leaders together in New Orleans. Whatever the outcome of this case, one thing is clear, Louisiana's admitting privileges law has nothing to do with patient health or safety and everything to do with eliminating access to abortion care.

I'm inspired by each and every person in this movement — from the hundreds of activists who rallied alongside me at the Supreme Court to the amazing friends we have in Louisiana committed to fighting for reproductive rights. While we await the Court's ruling in this case, we have lots of work to do. Louisiana’s legislative session begins Monday, March 9th and you know that we will be there each week for fighting for the people of Louisiana!


Nerd Alert!!! If you want to listen the argument inside the Court – click here.

You can watch the entire DC Rally here OR watch Lift’s ED, Michelle Erenberg, address the crowd.


Check out this video from Media Matters talking to advocates at the Supreme Court.

See photos from both rallies on our Facebook Page here

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