We're Back In Court...

Today, Lift Louisiana was back in court defending a Louisiana abortion clinic from burdensome regulations and holding state government officials accountable to the people. Last December, a district court ruled that the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) had not substantially complied with state law when the agency promulgated the regulations. The state appealed that ruling and Louisiana’s First Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the case today.

The facts are on our side and we believe that we will prevail. 

The state will stop at nothing to shut down clinics by forcing them to comply with pages of medically unecessary regulations that do nothing to improve the safety of abortion and threatened abortion accessibility in Louisiana, where only three abortion clinics remain to serve women in the entire state. This case is about making sure that the state can't make a mockery of the public comment process by ignoring thousands of comments in opposition to the regulations. If they can get away with this for abortion, then the whole process of seeking public input is just a sham!

We expect a ruling from the court by mid-November. So stay stuned for more updates.

Read more about this case here.

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