This week - We Rally for Abortion Access

Oral arguments at the Supreme Court in June Medical Services v. Russo are this week – and we are excited to be part of both the rally outside the Supreme Court in Washington, DC, and the companion rally at the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, LA.



Join us March 4, 8-10 am in New Orleans at Lafayette Square Park. My voice, your voice and all of our voices will form a chorus combatting the ongoing assault against abortion and reproductive freedom across the country. We Need You! We are asking people attending the rally to wear TEAL in support.


We have a special LYFT discount code to get $5 off your ride. Use code NOLARALLY2020 This code is available to the first 100 people and is valid for rides on March 4th between 6:30am-1:30pm


We will see you there! CLICK TO RSVP

To learn more about the case, head to

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Lift Louisiana’s Executive Director, Michelle Erenberg, will be speaking at the MyRightMyDecision Rally in Washington DC on March 4th at around 10am CST/11am EST. Tune in from afar: They are broadcasting the DC rally live here starting at 8am EST on Wednesday, March 4th.

You can support the work Lift Louisiana is doing this year to protect abortion access and fight for the health and well-being of Louisiana's women, their families and their communities. Make a donation today.


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