This week in Louisiana...

This week, the Louisiana legislature moved forward some important proposals, including SCR 2 to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Committees also advanced SB 155, a constitutional amendment that would allow voters to decide on raising the minimum wage to $9.00/hour, and SB 136, which would end pay secrecy to ensure fair pay for women. All these bills now head to the full Senate and your Senator needs to hear from you! 

Send a letter to your lawmakers that you support the ERA.

We asked Senator Carter about his proposal to #RaiseTheWage in Louisiana.

Watch this video to hear what he said.



Last week, House members voted to approve (80-10) Representative Katrina Jackson's bill that would use the state Constitution to take away the right to abortion in Louisiana AND target poor pregnant people who need abortion care by making sure there could never be any public funding of abortion.

The bill now heads to the Senate Judiciary A Committee. Senators need to hear from you! Please call them today. 225-342-2040

You can also send a letter to both your legislators at this link.

Stop The Tampon And Diaper Tax
Louisiana lawmakers have an opportunity to vote to exempt diapers and feminine hygiene products from state and local sales taxes. Louisiana leads the nation in single-family households, children in poverty and single family households led by women. Ending this tax would save families $6.4M and females $3.2M each year. 
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