Stop the Religious Objections to Birth Control Coverage

The Trump administration announced last week two rules that will restrict access to birth control, by allowing employers, health insurance providers, and universities that claim a religious or moral objection to drop insurance coverage for contraception.

The rules affect the Affordable Care Act’s requirements that contraceptive be covered in employees’ insurance plans. This requirement allowed millions of women to access birth control – now the administration wants to let your boss decide whether you should have birth control.

Women deserve affordable access to birth control, no matter where they work or what their employer believes.

This is just the latest assault on reproductive rights from an administration and Congress who want to dismantle women’s access to health care. From appointing cabinet officials and federal judges who oppose constitutionally protected rights to legislation restricting abortion access. From allowing states, like Louisiana to restrict family planning funds, to the health care repeal bills designed to leave hundreds of thousands in Louisiana uninsured or without coverage for essential services.

We must fight back against these new rules – we cannot allow them to deny women insurance coverage for birth control. You can submit a comment opposing these rules today.


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