Should Louisiana’s Constitution Be Denying Women Rights?

Representative Katrina Jackson has introduced a bill that would use the state Constitution to take away the right to abortion in Louisiana AND target poor pregnant people who need abortion care by taking away any making sure there could never be any public funding of abortion.

This constitutional amendment would pave the way to ban abortions without exception, including in the case of rape or incest or if the life of the woman were in danger. It would also lay the groundwork to criminalizing pregnant people who need abortion care who seek abortion or doctors who provide care – something we are seeing RIGHT NOW in other states – patients and doctors threatened with jail time.

This proposal is not only harmful, but also an insulting waste of time and tax dollars. Sadly, Louisiana laws already withhold health coverage for abortion for people who use Medicaid. And if this bill passed, we would have to fight a ballot initiative in the November 2019 election. This would means hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted to attack the personal decisions of pregnant people who need abortion care in our state.

Our state constitution should affirm the rights of its people. It should not be used as another tool to attack the right to abortion and push political agendas on the backs of pregnant people.

TAKE ACTION to stop this attack and urge lawmakers to actually spend their time making a positive different in the lives of women and families in our state! Send a letter to you state Representatives and Senators TODAY!


When asked repeatedly about why this amendment does not include exceptions for rape and incest, Representative Katrina Jackson and the anti-abortion lawyers danced around the issue. What is clear is that they do not think there should be any exceptions - even for survivors of rape and incest. Watch the hearing to see for yourself.

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