Senators Fail to Repeal Affordable Care Act

U.S. Senators have finally failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act and strip millions of Americans of health insurance and essential health benefits. This is an epic failure of the leadership and reveals the fraud that the conservatives have pushed for seven years. 

Lift Louisiana applauds the two women Republican Senators who held firm in their opposition in spite of bullying by the President and other male colleagues. We also appreciate Senator John McCain for also casting his vote against the repeal. 

Both Louisiana Senators Cassidy and Kennedy voted for the repeal. 

We hope that this is the final attempt, but we must stay vigilant. Now that it is clear that their priority is to cut health care in order to provide tax breaks for the wealthy, dismantle Medicaid and leave millions uninsured, and to make it impossible for Medicaid recipients to receive care from Planned Parenthood we must stay alert for future efforts to push these unpopular agenda items through other legislative means. As a Washington Post opinion states, "There are plenty of tools that the administration can employ to keep sabotaging the individual markets and the ACA."


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