Louisiana youth rank amongst the highest in the nation for teen births and sexually transmitted infections

Did you know that in Louisiana, the law prohibits "testing, quizzing, or surveying students about their personal or family beliefs or practices in sex, morality, or religion"?

Because of this law, Louisiana is one of four states that does not include the sexual risk behavior questions when conducting the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a school-based survey by the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC). The survey is anonymous and voluntary, but Louisiana's lawmakers have voted against allowing these questions to be asked of students.

We know young people are having sex because Louisiana ranks:

  • 1st in the nation for adolescent syphilis diagnoses;
  • 2nd in the nation for gonorrhea diagnoses;
  • 3rd in the nation for chlamydia diagnoses; and 
  • 7th in the nation for births to teenage mothers.

Without this information we cannot effectively develop programs and interventions to prevent and reduce risky behaviors.

This week, the LA Senate will reconsider a bill that will allow the Department of Education and Department of Health to survey students about their behaviors. Your State Senator needs to know you support this bill!

Click here to find out your State Senator
or call the Louisiana Senate Switchboard 225-342-2040

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