Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom Responds to Passage of Amendment 1

Coalition will continue to fight to secure Louisiana people the right to make reproductive decisions regarding their own bodies

NEW ORLEANS--Louisiana voters approved Amendment 1, which explicitly states there is no right to an abortion and the funding of an abortion in the Louisiana Constitution. The Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedoms (LCRF), which is a statewide alliance of organizations and individuals, fought against the amendment for a number of reasons including that it would deny the personal freedom of bodily autonomy and  would hurt already marginalized communities:

  • Black;
  • Indigenous;
  • people of color;
  • young people;
  • undocumented people;
  • people living on low or no income; and people experiencing homelessness; and
  • LGBTQ+ people.

Everyone should have the right and freedom to make decisions about their bodies and whether, when, and how they become a parent. Proponents of the amendment tried to say it would prevent public funding of abortion, but state and federal laws have prohibited public funds from being used for abortion services in Louisiana for more than 40 years.

The right to an abortion is still constitutionally protected by the United States Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, but Amendment 1 could prevent a judicial intervention for abortion rights should Roe ever be overturned. With Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, there are many who feel Roe is in jeopardy. Louisiana, which has passed 89 abortion-restrictive laws since the 1973 Roe decision, has only three remaining abortion care facilities, making it one of the most difficult states to obtain abortion care. 

Statement from Michelle Erenberg, Executive Director of Lift Louisiana: Tonight's result is deeply disappointing, but this feeling of sadness is temporary. Anyone or any organization in Louisiana who fights for reproductive freedom knows that these are hard battles to win, but we  keep fighting because women-- not just those of means but all women and all people who can become pregnant--deserve the basic right of bodily autonomy and high quality reproductive healthcare, which includes abortion. So I hold my sorrow this evening, but tomorrow Lift will stand in solidarity with all of our partners in the Louisiana for Personal Freedoms Coalition --Women with a Vision, New Orleans Abortion Fund, Reproductive Justice Action Collective and many others--who fought to defeat Amendment 1 and will continue to our work to advance freedom and justice.

LCRF Statement:  This election result is a setback  for anyone who believes in personal freedoms and will hurt already-marginalized communities in Louisiana. Regardless of  what happens with Roe v. Wade, people of means will still be able to obtain abortions and Amendment 1 accomplishes what Louisiana politicians have been doing for decades: attacking the powerless and promoting the agendas of those well-funded organizations who want to deny bodily autonomy and reproductive justice. Despite the electoral victory for opponents of reproductive rights, this campaign has demonstrated that there is a strong, sizable group of Louisianans who oppose government restrictions, believe deeply in individual rights, and know that our state's character is reflected in how we treat the vulnerable. We find solace and power in this and we will continue to fight day in and day out for reproductive freedom in the state legislature, city councils, the courts, the streets and anywhere where freedom is being denied. 

 A statewide alliance of organizations and individuals, the Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom works to ensure sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice for all people through advocacy, law and policy change, and movement ­building.

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