Lift Responds to the Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Today we learned that the President has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett’s judicial record is alarming to those of us who are fighting for gender equality, healthcare, and civil rights. She has consistently ruled in favor of the wealthy and powerful over the rights of others.  

Barrett’s appointment to the high court would severely threaten reproductive rights and civil rights. She has been an outspoken opponent of abortion rights and the contraceptive benefit in the ACA and is backed by anti-abortion groups like Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony ListBarrett has also argued that transgender people do not deserve protections from discrimination under federal law 

The rush to seat a new justice is not only hypocritical considering the position taken by leadership in the Senate during 2016, but it is also unpopular. Polls show that Americans want the winner of the presidential election to choose a new justice 

Statement by Michelle Erenberg, Executive Director of Lift Louisiana: 

This is another power grab by conservatives who are determined to ruledisregarding the wishes of the majority of the country. They will stop at nothing to control every branch of government so they can control of people’s bodies. Judge Barrett opposes everything that women have fought for over decades, including reproductive rights. We do not support placing anyone, of any gender, on the Supreme Court that uses their position of power to uphold the patriarchy and discrimination.  

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