Lift Launches Abortion Access in Louisiana Seminar Series

What is it like to try to get an abortion in Louisiana? Why is it so hard? How did we get here?

About this Event

The objective of this seminar series is to share information about the state of abortion access in Louisiana. The series focuses on the policy and legal environment that creates so many barriers to access.

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In 1973, the U. S. Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide with its landmark Roe v. Wade decision. At the time, a plurality of voters in Louisiana supported abortion rights. But in the 47 years since the decision in Roe, public opinion has shifted and Louisiana has become an epicenter for anti-abortion activism.

As voters go to the polls this November, they will be asked to vote on an amendment to the Louisiana constitution that would strip people of the right to abortion and funding for abortion. Abortion access is under attack as never before, yet many people have little understanding of just how at risk they are from losing access.

This seminar series will provide an opportunity for local experts and service providers to explain what it's like to provide abortions, to fight for abortion rights in the courts and at the capitol, and ensure access for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

This four part series will explore the following topics on the scheduled dates:

  • September 9th: History of Louisiana's Abortion Laws
  • September 16th: Funding Abortion Access, with New Orleans Abortion Fund
  • September 23rd: Legal Challenges and Criminalization of Abortion Care, with Ellie Schilling and Mandisa Moore-O'Neal
  • September 30th: Getting an Abortion in Louisiana

Each seminar will be held at 12:00pm CT and repeated at 6:00pm CT. All seminars will be recorded and posted on Lift Louisiana's YouTube Channel the next day.

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