Are you good and mad? Do something!

We have to fight for reproductive rights today...Now, Right Now, Today, Now...
The Fifth Circuit just ruled to closed down most if not all the abortion providers in Louisiana.
The Supreme Court will probably chip away at Roe v. Wade - or overturn it altogether.
Ok— stop screaming at the TV! If the Kavanaugh hearings have made you crazy and you want to know how to fight back...
If Trump is on your last nerve and you want to fight back...
If you are bouncing between depression and binge eating, then you need to fight back.
We need you to fight back.  
2. Come to the Happy Hour on Wednesday, October 24 at 6:30 – 8:30pm at
Seven Three Distilling Co., 301 N Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112
If you care about access to abortion, reproductive health care, sex education, economic opportunity for all and fighting back..
If you are mad as hell... do something now.
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We are with you and together we can win,

Michelle Erenberg

Executive Director

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