The ACA’s Birth Control Benefit Is Back Before the Supreme Court

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The federal contraceptive coverage guarantee is back before the U.S. Supreme Court, with affordable access to birth control yet again threatened by policymakers and employers opposed to reproductive health and rights. 

This time, the case revolves around the Trump administration’s 2018 regulations creating sweeping new exemptions from the guarantee for employers, schools, individuals and insurers with religious or moral objections to some or all contraceptive methods and services. Those regulations were challenged by numerous states and have been temporarily blocked nationwide in the case of Trump v. Pennsylvania, with the injunction affirmed by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. That decision left the Obama-era rules around the birth control benefit in place. 

Now, the Trump administration and the Little Sisters of the Poor (one of the plaintiffs in an earlier court case) are asking the Supreme Court to lift that injunction and allow the Trump rules to go into effect. Those rules are part of a larger agenda by social conservatives to undermine sexual and reproductive health and rights and impose their values on everyone else. 

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By Adam Sonfield

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