Advocates are headed to the State Capitol for a EQUAL PAY DAY in Louisiana!

Tomorrow is Equal Pay Day -- the day when Louisiana's women’s average earnings finally catch up with men’s average earnings from the previous year. Women in Louisiana earn only 68 cents to every dollar a man makes. This is even worse for black women, who earn only 47.8 cents and Latino women, who earn only 50.9 cents. This is unacceptable, and that’s why tomorrow, we are joining advocates nationwide in demanding equal pay.

Women in Louisiana Prisons: Part 2

“In seeking to understand this gendered difference in the perception of prisoners, it should be kept in mind that as the prison emerged and evolved as the major form of public punishment, women continued to be routinely subjected to forms of punishment that have not been acknowledged as such…”

-Angela Davis

Our Perspectives:How to get involved in sexual assault awareness month

April is sexual assault awareness month – a month dedicated to connecting with survivors, raising public awareness, and educating individuals and the community on how to prevent sexual violence. Ending sexual assault is closely connected to protecting reproductive rights. Violence committed against women violates women’s rights, limits women’s freedom, and threatens women’s physical, mental, and reproductive health.  Sexual assault awareness is important in our fight to support women’s reproductive health and rights.

Upcoming Events

April 4 - Equal Pay Day

April 6 5:30PM - Repro Health Happy Hour - Pearl Wine Co. 3700 Orleans Ave #1c, New Orleans, LA 70119 - RSVP on Facebook

April 10 - Legislative Session Begins

April 26 - Our Voice Our Time: Black Women's Advocacy Day at the Capitol

May 2 - Planned Parenthood Lobby Day



Equal Pay


Families depend on women’s wages more than ever, but a woman working full time, year round is typically paid less than a full-time, year-round male worker.  
Women of every race are paid less than men, at all education levels — and it only gets worse as women’s careers progress.
  • Louisiana mothers make $0.58 for every dollar fathers make. This amounts to $24,000 less annually. 

  • African American woman make $0.48 for every dollar a white man makes.

Understanding Reproductive Justice

Reproductive justice is a concept that was first developed in the mid-1990s by a group of African American women leaders who understood that the reproductive rights movement’s narrow focus on “choice” did not adequately speak to the lived realities and experiences of women of color and women from low-income communities. As SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective explains: 

Reproductive Justice is…