Mamas Day is a Celebration of all Mamas, Everywhere!

People have been creating and sending cards for generations because it’s a simple, but powerful, way to maintain connection and sustain our families.  But too often, the Mamas Day cards we see in stores don’t reflect the mamas in our lives, or the struggles they face.

It’s a distraction from the true kind of love we should be expressing on Mamas Day: The love that happens when our world is just, and whenall our mamas are supported, cared for, and nurtured.  It’s the kind of love I see when I look at Strong Families’ newest Mamas Day ecards.

This Mamas Day, honor the mamas in your life – the people who make your family complete – by sending a FREE ecard that is as beautiful as they are.

Mamahood is not one-size fits all. Our family structures are as diverse as the people in them – and Mamas Day is more complicated than what $5 grocery store cards would have you believe.  Mamas need more than flowers or a box of chocolates once a year.  They need access to health care, services for their children, schools that are safe, and a job with paid sick time so she can take care of herself or a sick loved one. 

Those are the kinds of things we need to fight for on Mamas Day, and the cards on express those struggles…and our collective hope for a more just future where all mamas are loved. 

That’s why this year, I’m celebrating the mamas in my life with cards that are as unique and gorgeous as they are. Join Lift Louisiana in sending a new kind of Mamas Day card to the special mamas in your life.

Happy Mamas Day to you and yours!

Michelle Erenberg

Executive Director, Lift Louisiana

Lift Louisiana is a proud partner of Strong Families – working to change the way we think, feel, and act in support of families. The mission of Strong Families is that every family has the rights, recognition and resources it needs to thrive. 

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