Governor Edwards Signs Bills To Triple Delay for Abortion

Last Thursday, Governor Edwards quietly signed two new laws that restrict access to abortion in Louisiana.

HB 386, now Act 97, triples the state’s mandated delay, forcing women seeking abortions to wait at least 72 hours between obtaining state-mandated counseling and the abortion.

The governor also signed HB 488, which unnecessarily requires abortion providers to be board certified ob/gyns and makes it more difficult for capable and trained physicians who want to perform abortions to get licensed to do so in Louisiana.

Lift Louisiana is concerned about the impact of these laws and several others making their way to the governor’s desk soon. 

  • House Bill 606 (Rep. Frank Hoffmann), a defunding bill that would jeopardize health care for over 5,200 Planned Parenthood patients who receive their care through the Medicaid program
  • House Bill 1081 (Rep. Mike Johnson), a bill that will further restrict access to abortion for Louisiana women
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