Take Action - Equal Pay and Minimum Wage Bills Will be Voted on Soon

Last week, bills that would raise the minimum wage and support Equal Pay for Women by stopping pay secrecy and protecting discussion about wages made it out of a committee and now the entire Louisiana Senate will vote on them soon.

Raise the Minimum WageTwo-thirds of minimum wage workers in Louisiana are women, many of them trying to raise a family on an annual salary of just over $15,000 (if they are working full-time).

At the same time, Louisiana continues to have one of the worst gender pay gaps in the country. In this state, women make 68 cents on the dollar compared to men. It’s even worse for African American women at 48 cents.

It’s time to pay women what they are worth and deserve. It's time to demand economic justice for Louisiana Women!!!

NOW is the time to call and email your State Senator to ask for support for Equal Pay and raising the Minimum Wage.  Ask them to support all 4 bills to bring economic security to women and their families. Find your State Senator

CALL 225-342-2040

What should you say?

I urge you to vote for ALL bills that will work to achieve equal pay by protecting pay discussion and prohibiting factoring in prior salary history, and to raise the minimum wage for all workers.

SB 117 (Morrell) requires that state public contractors follow LA Equal Pay Act - the law protects state workers from being retaliated against for talking about their salaries. It is only fair that workers under a contract for state public work should have those same protections.
SB 159, SB 162 and SB 252 (T Carter) all would either raise the minimum wage or make it possible for local jurisdictions to do so. Working families in this state are not making it on the low wages that are legally allowed. They suffer and we all pay the price in one way or another.