Stop the dangerous ban on abortions

The Governor just signed SB 184 just passed the House! This dangerous proposal would ban abortion before most women even know they are pregnant, with no exceptions for rape or incest. If enacted, it will be one of the most extreme abortion restrictions in the country.

Abortion bans do not reduce the number of abortions.

They force people to seek abortion illegally or drive hundreds of miles to another state. For some women, being denied abortion care means that they will be forced to carry a pregnancy to term.

State legislators are trying to force their will on low-income women, and they’re succeeding because these women will be unable to pay to get an abortion out of state.

When a woman is denied her right to an abortion, she will spend more years in poverty than a woman, who is allowed her constitutional right.

Louisiana will stop at nothing to deny women the right to abortion. The state already has numerous restrictions that people have to overcome to access the care they need.

Instead of focusing their efforts on helping women get out of poverty, the legislature is intent on making conditions worse for women.

Call the Governor NOW and tell him how disappointed you are. 

(225) 342-7015

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Who are the legislators that voted against this law? Find out who your Representative is here
































Who are the legislators that voted for this law? Find out who your Representative is here