Pregnancy Resources



Louisiana provides many programs that help support you as a parent


Only you can decide to give your baby up for adoption. 


Yes. It is legal to get an abortion in Louisiana, even if you are a minor.


If you are having sex, using birth control (contraception) will significantly lower your chances of an accidental pregnancy.

Staying in School

If you are a pregnant or parenting student, you should know that under Title IX, you have a right to stay in school so you can meet your education and career goals.

Pregnancy Care

If you are pregnant and wish to continue your pregnancy, it is critical that you receive medical care as soon as possible.

Emergency Shelters

If you are in need of a safe place to stay, there are several emergency shelters for teens in Louisiana that can help you.

Abuse Resources

If you are experiencing dating or family violence, connect with a hotline or other resources available.