Pregnancy Prevention

If you are having sex, using birth control (contraception) will significantly lower your chances of an accidental pregnancy. 

How do I prevent pregnancy?

The only 100% foolproof way to prevent pregnancy is to not have sex. However, if you are having sex, using birth control (contraception) will significantly lower your risk of a teen pregnancy. Certain methods of birth control can make the risk of pregnancy as low as 0.01%. If you are sexually active and want to prevent pregnancy, you need to be using a reliable method of birth control every time you have sex. You and your partner should use a condom and a hormonal form of birth control to minimize your chances of pregnancy and prevent transmission of STIs. Condoms will protect against sexually transmitted infections, but birth control (such as the birth control pill or the IUD) will not. It is important to use both. To find a clinic near you where you can get birth control, visit this page. For more information about different methods of birth control, visit Bedsider.

How much does birth control cost?

The cost of birth control depends on whether you have insurance and which clinic you go to. Most insurance will cover all the costs associated with birth control, including LARCs. Some clinics offer free or low-cost birth control if you don’t have insurance. The cost of birth control at Title X clinics varies depending on how much money you’re making. 

If you need insurance, you can see if you qualify for one of Louisiana’s family planning programs 

You can also order birth control via a few online providers, including the Nurx app, which costs $15/month.

What is the best birth control?

There are many types of birth control that are safe and effective for preventing pregnancy. Some birth control uses hormones to prevent pregnancy. Others are barrier methods, like condoms, that prevent sperm from reaching an egg. Some are long-term and do not require you to remember to take a pill every day, like the implant or IUD. All birth control (except sterilization) is reversible.

You can read more about which methods might work best for you at to learn more about all methods of birth control. When you go to a clinic, you’ll be able to talk to staff about which method is best for you.

Where can I learn more about birth control?


Prevention Information for Youth

Can you get birth control in Louisiana if you are under 18?

Minors who are married can get a prescription for birth control without a parent’s permission. Minors can consent to health care if (in consultation with a health care provider) it is determined that they require treatment that includes hormonal birth control.

If you go to a Title X clinic, your appointment will be completely confidential, including your billing and your records. Find a Title X clinic near you here or call Planned Parenthood.

People of any age can buy Plan B One-Step without a prescription over the counter at a local pharmacy. 

Where can teenagers get birth control in Louisiana?

Minors who are married can get a prescription for birth control without a parent’s permission. All other minors must get a parent’s permission to receive a prescription.

Find a Title X clinic.
To learn more about which birth control method is best for you, visit Bedsider.

Can teenagers get the morning-after pill (Plan B) without telling their parents?

Plan B One-Step is available over-the-counter for all ages, but requires a prescription for women under the age of 17.

Plan B NOLA offers limited delivery and pick-up options in Orleans Parish, Metairie, Jefferson, Elmwood, Harahan, Kenner, Westwego, Marrero, Harvey, and Gretna.

Plan B at Walgreens

Plan B at CVS