Meeting with Your Legislators

One of the most effective ways to influence the policy-making process and build a relationship is to visit with your legislators, or their staff, in person.

Tips for Setting Up a Meeting with Your Legislator

  • Call or e-mail to request an appointment. If you want to meet with your legislator in the district, send the request to the district office. Congressional member websites often have online submission appointment requests available. 
  • Follow up by phone. Do not hesitate to call the office if you do not receive a response to your initial request.
  • Be sure to identify yourself as a constituent. Include information about who you are, the nature of your visit (identify what you want to discuss), when you would like to meet and the names of any friends or colleagues who may accompany you.
  • Call or e-mail to confirm the appointment.


Sample Request for an Appointment

The Honorable XX Attention: Scheduler 

Dear Senator/ Representative XX, 

As a constituent and a women's health advocate, I am writing to request an appointment with [Senator/ Representative XX] in [name of town where nearest district office is] on [insert date and times available] to discuss XX issue. 

Please contact me to let me know when the [Senator/Representative] or the relevant staffer might be available to meet. I will follow up with you in the next week by phone. Thank you for considering my request. 

​[Contact information]