Stop Abortion Opponents
from Turning Lies into Laws in Louisiana!

Across the country, politicians are using lies about abortion to pass laws that make it more difficult or even impossible for women to access abortion care. These laws try to prevent a woman from getting abortion care, even when that means lying to her, delaying her care, requiring unnecessary tests, making care more expensive, and shutting down reproductive health clinics.

Shamefully, a new study shows that Louisiana is tied for second place on the list of states with abortion restrictions based on lies!  

When abortion opponents turn lies into laws, doctors are forced to lie to their patients, trusted health care clinics are shut down, and women pay the price. In just the last five years, more than half of the clinics in Louisiana have been forced to close their doors, leaving only three clinics available to the more than one million women of reproductive age in the state.

Lift Louisiana believes that Louisiana women don’t deserve to be lied to and our doctors shouldn’t be forced to provide women with false information. Our mission is to lift up the voices of the people committed to protecting abortion access in Louisiana.


Sign below to stand with Louisiana women and tell politicians that when they lie about abortion, we will be there to call them out!