In the Courts

Lift Louisiana’s litigation program provides critical legal support for reproductive rights by protecting clinics from closing, protecting providers from losing their licenses, and defending people's ability to access reproductive healthcare. Lift provides these services to eligible healthcare providers and patients using strategies developed by an advisory board of diverse legal experts.

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Current Litigation:

June Medical Services LLC v. Louisiana Department of Health and Rebekah Gee, M.D., et. al.

This lawsuit has been filed in state court against the Louisiana Department of Health challenging agency regulations on abortion providers pushed through under the Jindal administration in 2015. The impact of these regulations on Louisiana's women was well documented in three thousand public comments submitted to the Department of Health, including concerns that there was no medical evidence in support of the new regulations and that existing law protected patient health and safety. 


June Medical Services v. Gee

Lift Louisiana is a partner with the Center for Reproductive Rights on a lawsuit filed in 2017 against the state of Louisiana’s clinic licensing law that has forced most of the state’s abortion clinics to close. The law contains more than 1,000 medically unnecessary requirements that apply exclusively to clinics that provide abortion. Since the law took effect in 2001, the number of abortion clinics in Louisiana has fallen from 11 to three. 


There are currently five pending legal challenges to laws and regulations on abortion providers in Louisiana. Learn more about them.