Affordable Care Act and Women's Health

What you need to know before going to Senator Cassidy’s Town Halls Next Week

Senator Cassidy supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, and has introduced a replacement which does nothing to ensure coverage for preventative health care services for women. The ACA has helped many women gain access to coverage by expanding Medicaid and providing subsidies to buy coverage.

Did you know…?

Before Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards expanded Medicaid, under the ACA, one in five women in Louisiana was uninsured.

Before the ACA women who were insured paid significantly more for their health care than men

  • The ACA included provisions such as the mandatory inclusion of maternity care, coverage without cost sharing for preventive services such as contraceptives, and a prohibition on charging women more than men for the same plan to address gaps and inequities in women’s health insurance.

Under the ACA millions of uninsured women have access to coverage that includes a lot of benefits that are important to their healthcare, like contraceptive coverage.

  • Reports show a jump in the number of women rushing to get long-acting contraceptives, like IUDs, while they are still covered by their insurance.

A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the majority of Americans support the ACA’s contraceptive coverage requirement and research has shown women's out-pocket-spending on contraceptives has dropped significantly as a result of the law.


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