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Winners! These bills we supported, and they will all become law!

HB557 by Rep. Matthew Willard will require Medicaid to cover the dispensing of up to a 6-month supply of prescribed self-administered contraceptives – such as the ring, the patch or the pill – at one time so people don’t have to return to the pharmacy every month for refills. See the votes.

HB 1061 by Rep. Jason Hughes will ensure Louisiana survivors of sexual assault have timely access to information and emergency contraception they need to prevent pregnancy resulting from rape. See the votes.

HB 516 by Rep. Mandie Landry and Rep. Aimee Freeman  directs school boards to adopt policies that support young people who are pregnant or parenting to remain and succeed in school. See the votes.

HB1083 by Rep. Candace Newell (CROWN Act) prohibits discrimination based on natural hairstyles. See the votes.

HB 784 by Rep. Royce Duplessis will improve screening, diagnosis, and treatment for women with maternal mental health disorders. See the votes.

Bills we opposed that passed

SB342 by Senator Katrina Jackson is an extreme ban that criminalizes all abortions from the "moment of fertilization."  The bill does not include any exceptions for rape and incest.  We were able to amend the bill to ensure it doesn’t make birth control and emergency contraception illegal. See the votes.

                Amendment to include exceptions for rape or incest – See who voted against this

SB 388 by Senator Sharon Hewitt  criminalizes medication abortion if not prescribed by a Louisiana physician, and when not administered to the patient in person, making it a felony under any other circumstances. We were able to amend the bill to ensure it doesn’t make birth control and emergency contraception illegal. See the votes.

SB44 by Senator Beth Mizell will ban trans athletes from playing sports with their peers, passed out of the legislature. See the votes

SB104 by Senator Beth Mizell - Prohibits abortion facilities from restricting cell phone use, making it easier for anti-abortion extremists to threaten the privacy and safety of patients and staff. See the votes.

HB909 by Rep. Rick Edmonds provides additional funding to the crisis pregnancy centers. See the votes.

Bills we supported that failed to pass

HB 1027 by Rep. Mandie Landry would have prevented the targeting of pregnant and postpartum people with arrest or criminal prosecution because of their pregnancy outcomes, including stillbirth, miscarriage, or any other pregnancy outcome that not resulting in a live birth. This bill failed to pass the House Committee.

HB 605 by Rep. Mandie Landry would have prohibited the harmful practice of conversion therapy. This bill failed to pass the House Committee.

HB 303 by Rep. Aimee Freeman  would have protected LGBTQ+ people from housing discrimination. See the House vote.

HB 195 by Rep. Aimee Freeman would have required each public-school governing authority, including charter schools, to make menstrual products available in easily accessible locations at no cost to students. This bill wasn’t voted on in the Senate. See the House vote.

HCR64 by Rep. Aimee Freeman requested DCFS to audit the Alternatives to Abortion program and bring much-needed transparency and accountability to this taxpayer funded initiative.

Bills we opposed that failed to pass

HB 813 by Rep. McCormick (Abolition of Abortion Act) would have made it a crime to terminate a pregnancy at any stage after fertilization, making IVF and some forms of birth control illegal. The bill would have allowed a pregnant person to be criminally charged with murder or battery. The bill also stated that any judge who does not follow the unconstitutional proposed law is subject to removal/impeachment. See the votes.

HB989 by Rep. Raymond Crews would have made drastic changes to Louisiana’s judicial bypass law, the only manner in which a minor can obtain approval for an abortion when parental consent is not safe or feasible. This bill would have essentially forced a minor to go on trial to defend her constitutional rights and made it nearly impossible to get the abortion she needs. The bill was deferred in the Senate Committee. See the House votes.

HB146 by Rep. Chuck Owen  would have severely restrict the ability for a person deemed to have diminished mental capacity from receiving an abortion and other reproductive medical care. The bill was withdrawn by the author.

SB60 by Rep. Stewart Cathey would have allowed for medically unnecessary drug testing without consent for women during or shortly after labor and delivery. The bill was deferred in the Senate Committee.

HB344 by Danny McCormick would have prohibited the state and its political subdivisions from enforcing, administering, or cooperating with the decision and judgments of the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade. 

HB837 by Dodie Horton this “Don’t Say Gay” bill would have prohibited discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools.

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