2018 Legislative Summary

Legislative Summary: 2018 Regular Session

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SB 181 Sen. John Milkovich (DEM-LA) Prohibits abortions later than fifteen weeks of pregnancy. The law will be effective only if a similar law being challenged in Mississippi is upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. This bill passed Senate (31 Yes-3 No) and passed House (81 Yes-9 No) and became Act 468.

HB 891 Rep. Frank Hoffmann (REP-LA) Prohibits reproductive health clinics that serve Medicaid patients, such as Planned Parenthood, from obtaining a license to provide abortions. The bill Passed House (90 Yes-3 No) and Passed Senate (28 Yes-5 No) and became Act 498.


SB 297 Sen. Dan Claitor (REP-LA) and HB 554 Rep. Patricia Smith (DEM-LA) Authorizes the state Dept. of Education and the Dept. of Health to survey students regarding sexual risk behaviors (YRBS). Anonymous surveying allows information to be gathered confidentially and to be available for use to develop programs to improve teen health and to measure changes in behaviors. SB 297 failed to pass the Senate (13 Yes-21 No) and HB 554 failed in House Education Committee.

HB 499 Rep. Patricia Smith (DEM-LA) Require comprehensive sexual health education in public schools. This bill failed in House Education Committee.


SB 149 Sen. Jean-Paul Morrell (DEM-LA) Prohibits employers from requiring prospective employees to disclose wage information. This bill failed in Senate (23 No-15 Yes).

HB 251 Rep. Joe Bouie (DEM-LA) and SB 117 Sen. Jean-Paul Morrell (DEM-LA) Requires that any contractor who enters into a contract with a public entity comply with the Louisiana Equal Pay for Women Act. HB 251 was defeated in House Labor Committee and SB 117 failed in Senate (20 No-18 Yes).


SB 162 Troy Carter (DEM-LA) Provides for an increase in the state minimum wage to $8.25/hour by 2020. This bill failed in Senate (21 No-17 Yes).


HB 625 Rep. Rick Edmonds (REP-LA) Paid Leave for Teachers. This bill passed the House (98 Yes-0 No) and passed the Senate (32 Yes-0 No) and became Act 631.

HB 513 Rep. Steve Carter (REP - LA) Requires a portion of the monies ($10M) in the Unclaimed Property Leverage Fund to be dedicated to the Louisiana Early Childhood Education Fund. This bill was passed in the House (85 Yes-9 No) but failed to be considered in Senate Finance Committee.


SB 558 Sen. Regina Barrow (DEM-LA) Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act provides incarcerated women with health products, including feminine hygiene products, and restricts male guards from contact with them while in a state of undress. This bill passed the Senate (36Y-0N) and passed the House (87Y-0N) and became Act 392.

HCR 27 Rep. Patricia Smith (DEM-LA) Requests the creation of the Louisiana Women's Incarceration Task Force. This bill passed the House (55 Yes-35 No) and passed the Senate (22 Yes-1 No).

HB 264 Rep. Patricia Smith (DEM-LA) Provides community-based sentencing alternatives for offenses committed by primary caretakers. This bill passed in the House (79 Yes-6 No) but failed in Senate (6 Yes-29 No).



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