What will become of Title X?

At this point, we know that the conservatives in Congress and the administration’s agenda is to attack and undermine sexual and reproductive health and rights. Now they are reaching beyond abortion and going after family planning and contraception. Some have suggested drastically undermining or outright eliminating the Title X Family Planning Program by directing all current funding to Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) sites.

Our Perspective: Sex Ed that is Far Overdue - Inclusivity for the LGBTQ

Without comprehensive sexual education, all students are being harmed. However, some groups of students suffer more than others from a lack of education and resources in their schools. Students identifying as LGBTQ are being disadvantaged when schools refuse to provide them with any more than the bare minimum information that we often see being taught in sex ed. classrooms. Most sex ed. classes strictly discuss heterosexual sex and relationships, disadvantaging LGBTQ students.