Womens Economic Value

Lift Louisiana supports economic policies that will improve the financial health of women and families.

Many women are responsible for the economic well-being of their families. 

More than 278,000 family households in Louisiana state are headed by women and 104,572 family households
have incomes that fall below the poverty level.
  • 2o.7% of working-age women had incomes below the poverty line in 2015.

  • 28% of Louisiana's children live in families who had incomes below the poverty line in 2015.



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Lift Louisiana’s legal advocacy program provides critical legal support for reproductive rights by protecting clinics from closing, protecting providers from losing their licenses, and defending people's ability to access reproductive healthcare. The legal advocacy program provides these services to eligible healthcare providers and patients using strategies developed by an advisory board of diverse legal experts.

President’s Budget is Bad for Louisiana

This week, the president unveiled his proposed budget and the news is not good for low-income Americans or Louisiana. This budget reflects this administrations lack of empathy for the millions of Americans who are struggling in poverty, which includes many families in Louisiana. We have provided a brief summary of some of the most devastating impacts of this budget below.

Guts funding for Medicaid and repeals the Affordable Care Act