Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project


The Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project

The Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project is supported by Lift Louisiana, law students from Tulane University Law School’s chapter of If/When/How, and local attorneys who are passionate about defending women’s rights to obtain the reproductive health services they need.

Under Louisiana Law, if you are pregnant and under the age of 18, you cannot obtain an abortion without the permission of a parent or legal guardian.  If your circumstances prohibit you from obtaining this consent, you may still be able to receive abortion services by going through the judicial bypass process.  A judicial bypass means that a judge grants permission for you to receive abortion services.  The judge’s permission takes the place of your parent or guardian’s permission.

The The Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project provides information and legal assistance related to this process in Louisiana.

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Free Legal Representation for Judicial Bypass

We provide free legal representation to any minor seeking judicial bypass for abortion. It is critical that minors seeking abortions who cannot receive parental consent receive experienced, judgment-free and fair legal representation when applying for a judicial bypass.

We have a network of referral attorneys in Louisiana. These attorneys are trained to take judicial bypass cases and are thus familiar and comfortable with the topic and the process.

If you want to apply for a judicial bypass, we will automatically assign you one of our attorneys. Please review our judicial bypass page for more information and then call or text our hotline at (504) 535-5277.

If you are an attorney interested in serving minors in judicial bypass cases, please contact us contact us at la_jbp@liftlouisiana.org​ or complete this form. We will be happy to provide you with training.