Tell Louisiana Politicians
To Base Abortion Laws On FACTS, Not Lies!

One year ago, the Supreme Court struck down anti-abortion laws that were based on lies in the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Yet Louisiana politicians reject facts and pass anti-abortion laws based on lies.

These laws try to prevent women from accessing abortion care - they force doctors to lie to their patients, require medical professionals to provide unnecessary tests, and shut down trusted health care clinics.

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Louisiana politicians need to know that we’re watching, and we’re not going to back down. In just the last five years, more than half of the clinics in Louisiana have closed their doors.

Lift Louisiana believes that Louisiana women deserve the truth and our doctors shouldn’t be forced to provide women with false information.

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I stand with Lift Louisiana in calling for access to high-quality, comprehensive reproductive health care for all women. We can’t let Louisiana politicians continue to peddle lies, ignore science, and undermine the practice of medicine, all in an effort to push health care out of reach.